Bottom-of-my-heart thanks to each of you who have bared your body and soul in front of me and my camera, for being vulnerable, sensual and powerful in trusting me to capture your essence . . . a mere modicum of the true beauty you possess. And to those of you I haven’t met yet, but who are reading this and curious, let’s talk. I would love to work with you, to collaborate and produce something that will go into your “soooooo happy I did this!” cache of lifetime rock-your-world experiences.

I was looking for a photographer who could help me look like…well, myself.  I didn’t want to look posed or uncomfortable.  Cynthia set me at ease from the very beginning of the session and I NEVER felt awkward or uncomfortable.  The photos are amazing and I feel that they capture “me” and the image I want to project.  Fabulous experience!

–  Bonny Forrest, San Diego, CA

My experience working with Cynthia was really wonderful. She made me feel completely at ease and comfortable in my own skin (and not much else). It was a joy and I couldn’t be happier with how the photos turned out. Cynthia truly knows how to capture the bare essence of femininity and her ability to capture the female form is truly amazing. She has an incredible eye for taking the smallest section of the female body and making it beautiful, sexy, demure, and very powerful all at the same time.

– Keely Watson, San Diego, CA

Our photo shoot with Cynthia was relaxed and fun.  She had great ideas for a large group and we couldn’t have been happier with our experience. The pictures are amazing and we are so glad to have documented this time in our lives!

– Lisa Campbell, Phoenix, AZ

Exposing yourself in front of someone new is terrifying.   Exposing yourself in front of someone with a camera is unimaginable. However, Cynthia made all my fears and inhibitions dissolve before we even started shooting.  Not only is she a fantastic photographer, but she was also amazing at making me feel comfortable in front of the camera, something equally important with this type of photography!! She was able to capture me as an individual, and didn’t just “go through the motions” like a generic model, something I am not. It’s really easy for boudoir to be tacky, cheesy, and gross, but Cynthia is 100% the exact opposite! I was blown away at how beautiful my photos were!! They were artistic, tasteful, and sexy!! I was so excited to show them to my fiancé. I actually wanted to show them to a ton of people because they are so beautiful, but then remembered I was naked in them!! Thank you Cynthia for an unforgettable and enjoyable experience, and the BEAUTIFUL photos!!

– Katherine Anderson, San Diego, CA

Cynthia came to me and said she had an idea for a photo shoot, and since I am not one who enjoys being photographed, this was something I would not ordinarily do.  On the day of the shoot, Cynthia made me feel very comfortable; a professional feeling in a relaxed environment.  I’m so glad that I did it!   Cynthia’s work is amazing.  I have never received so many compliments on photos of me.

– Greg Carter, San Diego, CA

Hey Cynthia – I usually do not offer my sparsely dressed body to anyone, let alone someone with a camera, but for you, any time, any day.  The photos are gorgeous!  I usually cringe when I look at photos of me, but I love, love, love these.  I have had a silly grin on my face since the photos arrived two days ago.  THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

– Anna S., Oaxaca, MX

 Working with Cynthia was one of the most positive and life changing experiences for me.  I wanted to take photos as a gift to my wonderful husband.  I had no idea that the gift I would be giving would be just as much mine as it was his.  I am extremely competitive and often so preoccupied with setting and achieving goals that I forget to stop and appreciate all that I am today.  I had always felt so awkward and uncomfortable in front of the camera but not this time…not with Cynthia.  Cynthia’s warm smile and playful sense of humor put me at ease and allowed me to abandon all nervousness and insecurities.  For the first time in what seemed like a decade, I felt empowered and free.  What I love most about my photos is what isn’t shown versus what is.  Cynthia is an amazing talent and has helped me to see the beauty in things I once called flaws.

Arlana Aylward, San Diego, CA

I first saw Cynthia’s work in a charming little restaurant in Florence, a perfect setting for discovering a body of work that is rich in sensuality, emotion and so visually stunning. Her images are each a gift, an incredible balance of thought and spontaneity. And you can see they come straight from the heart.

Stephen Starkman, Toronto, ON

Cynthia’s love and deep respect for every person she photographs seems to be woven into every conversation, as well as into the very fabric of her images. She seems to have an understanding that goes far beyond any technical skill… an instinctive and deeply truthful way of seeing, and communicating this exquisite beauty in a way that helps others see the beauty of who they truly are.

Leonie Wise, London, UK

My boudoir shoot with Cynthia was a fun and special experience. Her calm, kind manner put me right at ease despite this being my first time in front of the camera, wearing lingerie no less! I was extremely pleased with the finished product and especially appreciate her respect of the female form. I can’t praise Cynthia enough!

– Liz  Roos, San Diego, CA

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