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A Billion Suns


this body was once
a thousand miles old
a hundred feathers wide
a teardrop deep.

one part of it was light
one part of it was hunger
one part of it was open
one part was lost to wild abandon.

this body is now
empty. this body
is overflowing.
this body is now
the mountains. this body
is the pathway.
this body is now
laughter. this body
is the canvas.
this body is now
shining. this body
is a billion suns.

– Leonie Wise


Life enthusiast Leonie Wise is a photographer and writer who currently lives in London, but admits her heart remains in her native New Zealand. An avid traveler, she enjoys champagne and a decent cup of espresso, Sunday morning lie-ins and making new friends.  She can be found online at leoniewise.com.

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  • Paige

    beautiful poem

  • leonie wise

    such an honour to be a guest here…

  • David duChemin

    Beautiful, Leonie. Reminds me of the much longer titled “That Nature is a Hericlitean Fire and of the Comfort of the Resurrection” by Gerard Manley Hopkins. Truly lovely, girl! Kudos to the publisher for recognizing beauty and posting it here. 🙂